Patch Notes: 12/27/2020

-Fixing Adding task not loading the index to the task list for the task on add causing task completion to toggle, reload and subsequent toggles would work. -Updated packages. -Enhanced widget extension to be 4 widgets(medium and large). One showing all tasks, one for past due, one for all current tasks, and one showing the … Read more

Android Development Update for Check It Off Pro

Work is speeding along on finalizing the Android release of Check It Off Pro. We should have the remaining functionality in place and are now testing it (along with verifying the changes didn’t scramble the iOS side of the app [it’s developed in Flutter minus native code for widgets]). Stay tuned!

Patch Notes: 11/24/2020

Bug fixes -Fixed no task exception on launch with no tasks (under the hood and didn’t affect user) -Fixed logic so notifications weren’t set even when notifications were off. Under The hood -Added some unit tests -cleared out some unused code